Take it Easy! We Got Lucky This Time

It's cold, but Chicago was barely hit by massive storm

The snow that's falling in Chicago is a bit inconvenient and is slowing traffic throughout the area, but it's nothing compared to what states from Texas to New England have or will see today.

A total of 1 to 3 inches of snow is expected across the Chicago area, tapering off before noon.  We may get a glimpse of the sun this afternoon, but it will continue to be cold, cold, cold.  

Below-freezing temperatures are expected for the rest of the work week, but the weekend will be slightly milder.

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But the same weather system is wreaking havoc elsewhere. Massive power outages have been reported in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Tree limbs and power lines are snapping because of ice storms, with some areas dealing with 3 inches of solid ice.

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