Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce Spotted on Zuckerberg's Bookshelf Causes Social Media Craze

Social media erupted Thursday as people began to spot a Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce bottle on Mark Zuckerberg's bookshelf in a video he made detailing Facebook's name change.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to post screenshots of the video, circling the sauce bottle in the background among books, vases and family photos.

Zuckerberg announced Thursday that Facebook would change its company name to Meta to reflect a combination of existing apps, as well as its future social media presence.

"Our mission remains the same, it's still about bringing people together," Zuckerberg said at the company's annual conference.

Various companies and social media users alike took to the internet following the announcement, sharing mixed reactions -- some saying they have changed their company names, as well.

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