Suspect to Appear for Extradition Hearing After Markham Family Finds Human Remains in Suitcases

WARNING: This story contains graphic details. Reader discretion is advised.

A man arrested in suburban Markham in connection with a gruesome murder that took place in Kentucky is expected to appear in court Thursday, officials said.

According to the Cook County State's Attorney's office, the suspect is scheduled to appear before a judge for an extradition hearing that could send him to Kentucky to face charges in the slaying.

Calling it a “very heinous” crime, Markham Police Chief Terry White says that the man allegedly brought the suitcases to the home of a family member in the Chicago suburb, and when he left to go to a local library, his family members made the gruesome discovery that there were body parts in the bags.

Police were notified immediately, and they arrested the suspect without incident.

The victim in the case, a Louisville resident, was likely killed there at least 30 days ago, White said. The man then waited nearly a month before transporting parts of her body to Illinois in multiple bags, including a suitcase and a tote bag.  

 The killing is believed to have stemmed from a domestic dispute that turned violent, according to White.

An autopsy confirmed the identity of the victim this week, but police have not yet released her name pending notification of her family.

He says that the suspect in the case, who has not yet been identified, has been cooperating with Markham police and with homicide detectives from Louisville.

He admitted that he had only transported part of the victim's body, with the victim's upper torso located Wednesday in a Louisville park.

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