Fulton River District

Video Shows Wild Daytime Shooting in Fulton River District That Left 5 Shot

Video obtained by NBC 5 shows a shooting in Chicago's Fulton River District during rush hour Wednesday that left five people, four of them innocent bystanders, injured.

The footage, captured on a vehicle's dashboard camera, shows the moment gunshots rang out in the popular neighborhood west of the city's downtown.

Two vehicles then speed around traffic, at least one honking, before more shots are fired.

The person who shared the footage on social media, said his vehicle was shot during the incident.

Chicago police say the two cars were chasing each other through the neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon, with gunfire sending people diving for cover.

“It was two guys hanging out of windows with guns,” one eyewitness said.

There were multiple crime scenes in the case, including at Milwaukee and Grand and Milwaukee and Des Plaines.

Authorities say that four people, all innocent bystanders, were shot. One of the individuals is in critical condition, according to police.

One of the suspects in the case was shot, and was transported to an area hospital. That suspect, along with three of the victims, had their conditions stabilized, according to a police update.

Police are left trying to piece together what happened in the wild shooting, and are working to collect more video evidence as the investigation continues.

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