Surveillance Footage Shows Car Stolen With Baby Inside

Surveillance video shows a young woman leaving her blue Volkswagen about 7 a.m. last Monday at the pump at the BP on 31st and South Michigan in Chicago.

She looks back once--a baby apparently still inside the car.

Within seconds, a young man calmly gets out of a white car that's just pulled into the carport.

He climbs inside her running car.

Visibly shaken, she runs back out of the shop and after her car with with the child still inside.

She stumbles and regains her footing.

After the car goes out of focus--the gas station manager told NBC 5 Monday-- she was able to jump on the hood and regain control of her car.

The thief, gets away, but employees here tell us the baby is OK and back with her.

Not too far away and just one week prior to the gas station incident three other car thefts, all near East Pershing Road and South Martin Luther King Drive.

All of the robberies occurred during daylight hours during daylight hours.

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