Surburban Man Does Space Trifecta

Astrophysicist will make third trip to Hubble Space Telescope.

What does an over-achieving suburban astrophysicist do to impress? For John Grunsfeld of Highland Park, he's making his third -- unprecedented -- visit to the Hubble Space Telescope.
Grunsfeld will be one of seven passengers aboard shuttle Atlantis next week. The 50-year-old will serve as lead spacewalker on NASA's fifth and final service mission to Hubble.
Grunsfeld shares the same alma mater as Edwin Hubble, the astronomer for whom the telescope is named. Both earned doctorates from the University of Chicago.
NASA chose Grunsfeld as an astronaut in 1992. This will be his fifth spaceflight. He'll perform three spacewalks at Hubble.
Grunsfeld also climbs mountains and has ascended Denali, North America's highest peak.

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