Super PAC Reallocates $2.5M Intended for Walsh

A conservative Super PAC based in Kansas City that was going to pump an additional $2.5 million into the campaign of tea party-backed U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, has decided to take their money elsewhere.

The Now or Never Super PAC told the Chicago Sun-Times they decided to reallocate the money after concluding Walsh is on a winning trajectory.

Recently, Walsh has been under fire from his opponent Democrat Tammy Duckworth about comments the incumbent made about abortion during their fourth and final televised debate. Duckworth has also been running ads accusing Walsh of being a "Deadbeat Dad."

The group does not see it as "running from a fight" and insisted the $2 million injected into Walsh's campaign earlier is more than enough to help, according to the Sun-Times report. However, a recent poll released on Friday from Chicago Tribune showed Duckworth ahead by 10 points.

It's a different tune from the one they were singing a week ago. Ward Room reported the Super PAC had planned to contribute the additionally $2.5 million after Walsh's opponent on the Democrat ticket Tammy Duckworth out raised him in the last fundraising quarter.

Walsh spokesman Justin Roth said Saturday the campaign has no control over where a super PAC spends its money but that he agrees with the assessment that the congressman is on his way to victory, according to the Associated Press.

Walsh and Duckworth are candidates for the newly-redrawn 8th Congressional District. Their race is considered to be one of the 10 nastiest in the nation by POLITICO.

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