Group Celebrating Birthday Bitten by Bed Bugs at Wisconsin Dells Resort

A family celebrating a birthday suffered bed bug bites while staying at a hotel in the Wisconsin Dells over the weekend.

The group, which included six young girls, was staying at the Sunset Bay Resort when they woke up to the bites on Saturday, according to WTMJ.

"I started feeling around and I just so happened to scratch my arm and I felt like lines of bites," Aisha Carr told WTMJ, adding that their trip "was pretty much ruined from that point."

Sunset Bay's owner and manager Dawn Baker said the incident was an "isolated case" and the resort "felt horrible for the family."

"It was a birthday trip and we just felt absolutely terrible," Baker said.

"We compensated the guests of course and then we called in our exterminators," Baker continued.

"We're a family owned and operated business, and something like this is just horrifying to us, that our guests have to experience this," she said, adding that the hotel believed another guest may have brought the bed bugs into the hotel.

Baker said hotel staff and pest control specialists had examined all the other rooms for bed bugs as well, not finding any other cases.

"When our guests are harmed in any way, it just tears us up," she said.

The family had been vacationing at Sunset Bay for 12 years, sometimes multiple times a year, according to Baker, who said she had reached out to give them additional compensation beyond their most recent stay.

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