‘She Has Earned It:’ Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board Endorses Clinton For President

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Following the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board’s eyebrow-raising endorsement of beleaguered Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, the Sun-Times Editorial Board endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it announced Friday.

“Today, we endorse Hillary Clinton for president, and we endorse her early,” the endorsement reads. “The best way to avert a train wreck is to wave a warning flag as soon as possible.”

In its championing of Clinton, the Sun-Times Editorial Board also acknowledged Johnson’s dubious candidacy.

“A vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, a man who could not even pass a basic world geography test, is not a principled protest gesture,” the board says. “It is a retreat to the sidelines.”

The endorsement says the same of Green Party candidate Jill Stein, saying definitively that “neither can win,” and asserting that a vote for either would be in Trump’s favor.

The board also acknowledges Clinton as “flawed but upstanding,” and dismisses Benghazi doomsayers and detractors of her character while simultaneously nodding to her Chicago area roots, having grown up in Park Ridge.

“Clinton is an imperfect candidate, to be sure,” the board writes. “But Trump is an order of magnitude worse. In American history, has there ever been a less fit major party presidential candidate?”

The board goes on to highlight a slew Trump controversies, from the “birther” movement to Trump University and his perceived slights toward Gold Star families, to his “sexist” attacks on Clinton during Monday night’s debate.

“We endorse Hillary Clinton for president,” the endorsement reads. “She is fit for the job, and she has earned it.”

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