Summer And Fall Make Weather Cameos This Week

Beautiful Monday day kicks off roller coaster conditions over next few days

Plenty of people will be considering playing hooky over the next couple of days because fall-like temperatures are threatening to reappear later this week.

Monday's temperatures are shaping up to be milder than anything we experienced over the weekend, with highs in the low to mid 70s and chances for isolated thunderstorms in the far northwest counties later in the day. Look for it to get breezier as the day progresses, with winds up to 20 mph.

Summer rears its head on Tuesday, with high temperatures in the low to mid 80s and a chance for a few

Those 80-degree temperatures may stick around for Wednesday with humid conditions making way for the possibility of rain during the evening hours, but Thursday is when the good times will stop rolling.

Temperatures will drop into the 50s on Thursday through Saturday with cloudy skies and chances of showers and isolated thunderstorms each day.

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