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‘SUE' Exploring the Field Museum Is the Laugh We Need in the Coronavirus Shutdown

The museum said that once the "dinosaur" heard about the Shedd Aquarium penguins taking a field trip, they were left with little choice

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Move over penguins - there's a new quarantine star roaming about a beloved Chicago landmark.

The Field Museum posted a video online Wednesday of its famous "SUE" the Tyrannosaurus rex (in reality, someone in an inflatable dino suit) roaming around its hallowed halls.

"Once SUE heard about the [Shedd Aquarium] penguins, we really didn't have a choice," the museum tweeted, with a shrugging emoji.

The 14-second clip shows the dino checking out the museum's exhibition of birds - yes, including the penguins, to whom she waved.

The museum was referencing the Shedd Aquarium's virtual field trip for some of its penguins that the institution had posted online earlier in the week, as both the Shedd and the Field remain closed over the coronavirus outbreak.

Penguins at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium recently embarked on a short adventure with the aquarium closed to the coronavirus.

Penguins including "Annie," "Edward" and "Wellington" got the chance to explore the aquarium's Amazon Rising exhibit and get a look at the other animals in video clips that have since circulated widely, bringing joy to many around the world who are self-isolating in their homes to prevent the virus from spreading.

"Wellington" seemed to be fascinated by the freshwater fish species, including the red-bellied piranhas and the black-barred silver dollars, according to a news release.

"Those same fish seemed equally interested in Wellington, meaning the penguins aren’t the only animals receiving enrichment from these pop-up field trips," the news release added.

As for the city's most famous "dinosaur,' the Field Museum tweeted, "UPDATE: SUE learns birds are avian dinosaurs; demands we update the Museum map to "Hall of B̶i̶r̶d̶s̶ Tiny Theropods."

The Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium were both expected to reopen to the public March 29.

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