Woman Rescued After Being Trapped in Suburban Home for Several Days

A 69-year-old woman was rescued Tuesday after spending several days trapped in the bathroom of a home in a northern Chicago suburb, police said.

The woman was house-sitting a home in Glenview when she may have fallen while showering, according to Sgt. Jim Foley with the Glenview Police Department.

The homeowner called the house several times to check on the woman and became concerned when phone calls consistently went unanswered. The homeowner called AT&T and asked them to check the line at the home.

When AT&T employee Michael Rojo arrived at the home to check the line, he heard the woman yelling through a mailbox. The employee communicated with the woman through the mailbox slot and called authorities, Foley said.

"I knock on the door and faintly I hear a yell," Rojo said. "So I'm trying to open the door, nothing. Go to the side door, nothing, then I notice a mail slot. I yell who I am, she says she's been in there for five days no food no water no medication."

Police and fire officials broke a window to get inside the home.

Rojo said when he got back to his truck,"everything started racing through my head.

"What if this call had never came through?" he said. "Couple more days, who knows what would have happened."

The woman, who is also a diabetic, was transported to Lutheran General Hospital for treatment.

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