Suburban Residents Seeking Answers to Severe Pothole Issues on Subdivision Streets

One resident of Algonquin says he has racked up $6,000 in repair bills because of the poor road conditions

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A group of neighbors in suburban Algonquin say their street has become unsafe because of an abundance of potholes, but the question remains unanswered over who is actually responsible for paying to fix the issues.

“The snow gets compressed in, things turn to ice and gets compacted,” Paul Schimel, a neighbor in the Algonquin Hills subdivision in unincorporated Algonquin, said.

Schimel and Paul Furlong say the road has been an issue for years, and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

“I just think we got overlooked for a couple of years,” Schimel said. “Things break. We’ve got bent rims, shocks, and struts. I’ve got about $6,000 in damage to my vehicles.”

Even delivery drivers are complaining about the conditions, with neighbors fearful some drivers may soon refuse to deliver items to the subdivision because of the terrible roads.

The question of who will pay to repair the damage is a sticky one. While the township has made some repairs in the past, the roads are private, and the highway commissioner says the subdivision must raise money for repairs.

Still, he is willing to meet with residents to discuss their concerns, and neighbors are hoping an agreement can be reached to fix the roads, and to save more wear and tear on their vehicles.

“I’ve been here for 26 years, and it’s been an ongoing problem,” Furlong said.

“Let’s work on a plan. We can pave them. I’m sure there’s a solution here,” Schimel added.

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