Suburban Photographer Continues to Receive Large Event Requests Despite Pandemic Restrictions

Strict capacity restrictions aren't stopping clients from blindsiding photographers with large event requests

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Jason Kaczorowski’s photography business is still being approached by clients asking him to work large gatherings, sometimes up to 100 people.

These offers come amid strict Tier 3 mitigations in Illinois that prohibit gatherings over 10 people and prohibit venues from hosting events, like weddings.

“It’s disappointing to watch colleagues kind of cross the picket line and decide to work these events and put us and our existing colleagues in jeopardy,” said Kaczorowski. “We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars in loss this year simply from having to turn away clients.”

Kaczorowski said his employees have had to leave events after clients have blindsided them with large gatherings and no masks.  

The intimate nature of his photography business presents a unique risk.

“Once you introduce alcohol to a lot of these events, the masks come off,” said Kaczorowski.

Turning away business during a pandemic is tough, but another option could come at an even higher cost.

“We empathize with our clients. We also want them to host these dream events they want to host,” said Kaczorowski. “But we’re on the lookout for their health and safety, as well as our team.”

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