Suburban Horse Farm Faces Eviction Amid Financial Struggle

At the Ready, Set, Ride horse farm in Plainfield countless volunteers prep the property for its daily visitors.

"I feel like all these special needs kids are mine," said director Lisa Afshari. "I feel like they're my kids. I look forward to seeing them every day."

For 16 years--the horses have provided therapy for kids with disabilities and volunteers who consider this a safe space.

"When you don't have Abercrombie jeans and Ugg boots, you fit into a barn," said Afshari.

But now Afshari says the farm faces its biggest challenge yet.

"We are being evicted on Monday, July 17, for failure to pay rent," she told NBC 5.

She says the problem started when she refused to pay the property owner nearly $2,000 in electrical and water repairs.

She paid for the repairs--then withheld the amount from the rent. The property owner took her court. On top of that--will county records show the property is in foreclosure. In a matter of days-- the farm that helps up to 80 special needs children-- could be forced to close.

"That's where it gets hard--I don't really have plan b," Afshari said. "The horses, this has been their home. They've all been together. And they're special horses."

Thousands of dollars have been raised in donations. Afshari hopes she can buy the property to save the farm.

If not--she says they'll have to move.

"So we'll just have to put it in god's hands and see where it goes," she says.

NBC 5 reached out to the property owner but have yet to get a reply.

A court date is set for this Thursday for a judge to review the issue.

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