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Suburban High School Student Helping Strangers Obtain COVID Vaccine Appointments

Avi Rubin, a suburban Highland Park high school student, may not fit the current age requirement to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but he's become quite familiar with the sign-up process.

As the founder of "Vaccine Volunteers IL," Rubin has made it his mission to help complete strangers secure vaccination appointments.

So far, he has helped around 70 Illinois residents obtain appointments.

During an interview with NBC 5 Sunday, he offered some advice for people who are signing up on their own.

"Start early at 12 a.m., because you know, appointments are posted throughout the day," Rubin explained. "...Then I've also found that the autofill is a great feature, because cancellations... You won't get those if you're spending 10 minutes filling out your information."

Those looking for assistance in obtaining an appointment can fill out Rubin's online form or text "VACCINE" to 773-780-0074.

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