Suburban High School Set to Hold Indoor Prom, Graduation Ceremony

A suburban high school has announced plans to hold an indoor prom with hundreds of students in attendance next month, along with a graduation ceremony the next day.

Carmel Catholic High School said Thursday that it will host a "full Junior and Senior Prom" at the school’s Mundelein campus, and "a full senior graduation ceremony" May 27 and 28.

The school plans use to rapid COVID tests for participating students in a partnership with the Lake County Health Department, allowing for test results within 15 minutes.

Officials said the rapid testing has been available daily throughout the school year and has been used for school-related events over the last month.

A release for the event originally stated more than 1,000 juniors and seniors were expected to attend the event, but that release was later corrected to indicate an estimated 200 juniors and 200 seniors.

"The Junior Prom will be held for two hours, followed by Senior Prom for the same amount of time," the release stated.

The release added that "dancing, touching, singing, and eating will all be permitted."

Senior students who test negative will also be eligible to attend a graduation ceremony on the school's football field the following day.

"Rather than looking to others for advice, Carmel has been leading the way with its partnership with Lake County Health Department, which has allowed the school to
operate as close to normal as possible since August," the release read.

NOTE: This story originally reported more than 1,000 students were expected to attend prom. This information was based on a release about the school's event, but the release was later corrected to reflect that hundreds of students were expected.

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