Suburban High School Apologizes for Barbie on Crucifix Photo

Officials at a suburban high school have apologized for a controversial photo featuring their girls basketball team with a Barbie doll on a crucifix at a Catholic school.

Woodstock High School took the regional title last week after beating Woodstock North at Landers Pavilion at Marian Central Catholic High School, but their celebratory photo after the game sparked outrage from some.

The girls, still in uniform, were seen pointing at the cross, smiling and laughing at a Barbie doll-- the team’s symbol of “girl power”-- stuck to a crucifix.

Woodstock High School Activities and Athletic Director Glen Wilson issued an apology after the image surfaced on social media saying the team is “sincerely regretful.”

"Our intent was certainly not to insult, or denigrate, Marian Central and its family,” Wilson said in a statement. “We apologize that the act could solicit a perception of disrespect to faith, one’s school or the community they represent. The team’s symbol of ‘girl power’ was used in an inappropriate manner.”

Wilson said the team’s coach was in the gym when the photo was taken, but was “tending to other post game matters” and was not aware of the photo.

“We have apologized to Marian Central and are regretful for our actions,” he said. “We hope to move forward from this and continue to build a positive experience for our program.”

Marian Central Catholic High School Athletic Director Drew Potthoff said he received emails of the picture Friday morning and contacted Woodstock High School officials. He said both administrations are trying to work through the incident but declined further comment.

Woodstock plays again at 6 p.m. Monday against Rosary High School.

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