Suburban Group Sewing Kangaroo Pouches for Orphaned Marsupials

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As Australia continues to deal with a series of wildfires that have devastated the nation, a suburban woman and a few of her friends are looking to give kangaroos impacted by the fires a small bit of comfort.

For Becky Colson, every stitch is a labor of love, as she is using her love of sewing to help kangaroos and other animals orphaned by the devastating fires.

Colson and her friends are creating “Joey pouches,” which replicate the pouches of marsupials. The pouches are designed for baby kangaroos and other animals whose mothers perished as a result of the fires.

Colson is working alongside a Facebook group called the Animal Rescue Craft Guild (which you can find here) to create the pouches. The group is making the pouches in a variety of sizes, as joeys orphaned by the fires will need the pouches to grow along with them.

From Becky’s house, the pouches go to the group’s hub in north suburban Antioch, where they are then shipped to Australia.

“I’m a long ways away, but if I can make a difference making these, then that’s what I’m going to do. I’m here to ask other people to do so as well,” she said.

For more patterns that you can use for animal rescue projects, you can reach out to the group via email at

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