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Suburban Family Wins Bid to Keep Their Pet Pig After Neighbor's Complaint

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A family in Morton Grove can keep their pet pig after the village agreed to make an exception for the animal they say they have lovingly cared for for more than six years.

Cotton the pig was the subject of what the village of Morton Grove called a "neighbor dispute" after someone complained the animal violated a village ordinance prohibiting farm animals.

Cotton has lived with the Minx family for than six years and they argued the animal is a domesticated pet.

“When we got (Cotton) she was specifically bought as a pet,” Minx said. “She was fixed shortly after birth and microchipped.”

Tracy Minx said she researched the animal type before buying Cotton to make sure they would not grow large. She and her husband gave Cotton to her daughter, Storm, as a gift in 2014.

“Cotton has never lived outside. She’s never been without people,” Minx said. “She’s house-trained. It’s just like your cat or your dog, So how can you say it doesn’t belong with us?”

The Village of Morton Grove, however, said a neighbor filed a complaint about the pig and the Minx family was issued a citation on May 5. 

The family pleaded their case to the village Tuesday and won.

Among their citations, the family was forced to relocate their chickens from their property but asked the village to make an exception for Cotton.

The village ruled Cotton can stay with the Minx family as long as the animal continues to receive routine veterinarian care, stays in the home or the fenced-in yard and the owners clean up after it.

"It’s tough when you think you might have to get rid of your little baby, but she’s gonna stay now, so I’m happy," Tracy Minx said.

"We can’t really walk her around town as of now, so we’re a little disappointed with that, but we’re gonna make it work," Tristin Minx said.

The village said the ruling does not amend its current policy prohibiting farm animals, including pigs.

The Minx family says they hope that changes.

"We're glad we get to keep Cotton, but we need to have other people be able to get pigs, too," Tracy Minx said. "They’re great pets."

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