Suburban Dance Studio Offers Socially Distant Classes Amid COVID-19

A suburban dance studio is offering socially distanced in-person dance classes

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When the coronavirus pandemic shut everything down, Maywood Fine Arts was gearing up for a big show.

“We were having dress rehearsals, we had our costumes, and the next week we were supposed to have our show at Trinity High School. We get the call saying you can’t practice this week,” student Kyla Neely said.

So, the ballet show went virtual, and they started teaching classes online.

Student Miles Luke remembered, “when I was in quarantine, I was still doing dance online. I got it, but it was like me on a computer in a room and that wasn’t really what I thought was fun. So, I like it better in person. “

Student Nevaeh Rai agreed, saying, “I want to actually see people in real life, not on the screen or on zoom. And the teacher can actually correct us 'cause they can’t do it when we are at home. So, it’s better at the studio.

By the beginning of June, Maywood Fine Arts opened back up with smaller classes, masks and social distancing.

“We are obeying every social distance guideline. We are sanitizing the bar and the chairs, we have students waiting outside. Everything social distanced,” employee and former student Erin Dunn said.

They even had to turn their lobby into a rehearsal space.  But students said it’s worth dealing with all the restrictions because they are not cooped up in the house.

“Yes, I miss being with my friends a lot," Makay Mallory said. "For those still unsure about in-person classes, virtual classes are available. Registration for fall classes is now underway."

Maywood Fine Arts Executive Director Lois Baumann said, “We certainly hope that families view Maywood Fine Arts as a place where they can find great health, fitness, arts education for their children, and an opportunity to step outside of their home."

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