Crystal Lake

Suburban Crystal Lake Teen Saves Man's Life by Using CPR

Calista Pollack, a high school student from Crystal Lake, performed CPR on a man even while coping with a broken leg

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A quick-thinking suburban teen saved a man's life one recent Sunday afternoon while running errands for her parents on what started as a typical day.

Calista Pollack, a student at Prairie Ridge High School in Crystal Lake, drove her younger brother to a house to get a form signed and decided to wait in her car. All of the sudden, Pollack's brother called for help.

The teen walked into the house to find an older man on the ground -- unresponsive. The man's wife had 911 on the line, and handed the phone to Pollack.

"The dispatcher just told me to start doing compressions, so I did that for about three minutes, and he counted for me," the teen recounted.

The task wasn't an easy one - especially for someone who had recently broken her leg. On top of that, Pollack only learned CPR only one year earlier.

"I immediately though of her knee and how did you do what you needed to do in those circumstances," said teacher and coach Tim Taege. "But knowing Calista, it doesn't surprise me at all."

Thanks to Pollack, the man survived and was said to be doing well.

"I’m just grateful that I knew what to do in that moment," she said.

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