Chicago is One of Worst Cities to Be Single, Study Shows

Factors lowering Chicago’s ranking include its high cost of meals, number of singles in each gender, prices of rent, dating opportunities and high crime rate

Before you head to your holiday gatherings to face dreaded relationship questions from your relatives, go armed with the knowledge that if you are single in the city of Chicago, it could be because research shows the odds are just simply not in your favor.

A new study finds Chicago singles have a drastically lower chance of finding a significant other than singles living in 132 other major U.S. cities.

WalletHub analyzed the country's 150 most populated cities across 25 key metrics to determine the 'Best & Worst Cities for Singles' in 2015. The included data ranges from the percentage of singles among each gender and lifestyle characteristics in the region to costs of dates.

Chicago came in at a paltry 133 on the list, making it the 18th worst city in America to be single. In other words, 89 percent of American singles have a better chance of meeting someone than those in our city.

But it's even worse for the singles living in one Chicago suburb. The only other Illinois city to make the list, west suburban Aurora rounded out the bottom of the barrel, ranking at no. 141, or the 10th worst city in the nation for those looking for a match.

So if you are an Aurora dweller, 94 percent of the country will likely meet someone easier than you will, according ot the study.

Both Aurora and Chicago were ranked 149 out of 150 for having the most expensive beer and wine prices.

The best places to be? Salt Lake City came in as the top spot to be if single, beating out other top-finishing cities of Orlando, Tempe, Atlanta, Scottsdale, Austin, Tampa, Reno and Cincinnati. 

Factors lowering Chicago’s ultimate ranking included its high cost of restaurant meals and movies, number of singles in each gender, prices of rent for a one-bedroom apartment, online dating opportunities, investment in beauty or personal upkeep and the high crime rate.

However, Chicago did score decently average in some key areas:

The Dating Scene in Chicago (1=Best; 75=Avg.)

• 135th – Restaurant Meal Costs
• 142nd – Movie Costs
• 26th – % of Single Persons
• 44th – Number of Nightlife Options per Capita
• 44th – Number of Cafes per Capita
• 64th – Number of Restaurants per Capita
• 80th – Crime Rate
• 116th – Online Dating Opportunities

But remember, there are still some worse places to look for a significant other in the U.S.

The last places you want to be single? The study shows those to be Yonkers, New York; Hialeah, Florida; Las Vegas.; Glendale, California and Detroit, Michigan.

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