Study Shows Chicago is Fifth Deadliest City for Accidents Caused by Running Red Lights

Houston was the No. 1 city, followed by Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas

In November of 2012, Ivan Miranda, 24, died as he drove to work with one of his brothers.

Miranda was turning right onto Division Street from Central Park in the Humboldt Park neighborhood when a car slammed into the driver's side of his vehicle. His family says that car had just run a red light.

"He was coming across and somebody just ate the red light, and right there on impact, they didn't even see him coming," Alexis Miranda, Ivan's brother, said.

Miranda's death illustrates the reason why the National Coalition for Safer Roads conducted a nationwide study that listed the top 10 deadliest cities for running red lights. Chicago was ranked No. 5 on that list, with nearly 100 red light fatalities over a nine-year period.

"We want to empower people to make better drive decisions and to simply stop on red," a spokesperson for the coalition said.

The coalition created an interactive map that allows visitors to zoom in to all the intersections in the Chicago area where someone died because a driver ran a red light.

Last December, the Chicago Department of Transportation released traffic camera video showing several red light accidents. The department and the coalition believe those accidents and Chicago's ranking on the nationwide list help stress the importance of red light cameras.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has also published studies that show that the intersections that have red light safety cameras help curb dangerous behaviors and save lives, according to the National Coalition for Safer Roads.

The top 10 deadliest cities for running red lights are Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Philadelphia, Tuscon and Denver.

The National Coalition for Safer Roads is encouraging people to share their stories of accidents caused by red-light running on their Facebook page.

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