Study Shows Bears Fans More Loyal Than Packers'

The Chicago Bears may not always top the Green Bay Packers on the scoreboard, but their fans are winning the battle in the stands.

A study released by Emory University shows that Bears fans rank seventh among NFL teams when it comes to team loyalty. And yes, Packers fans came in at a lowly 14th.

Topping the list was the Dallas Cowboys' fans, followed by the New England Patriots', New York Jets', New Orleans Saints' and New York Giants' fans.

The university's sports marketing program took into account factors such as the teams' box office revenue relative to its success on the field, market population and stadium capacity. They then created a statistical model that predicts box office revenue and compared it to a team's actual revenue.

The teams that over-perform their predicted revenue have a stronger fan base, according to the study.

If that process makes your head spin, there's only one thing you need to remeber -- the Bears beat the Packers!

And in case you were wondering, the bottom five NFL cities were Detroit, Tampa Bay, Arizona, Atlanta and Oakland.

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