Study Reveals Most Looked-Up Words in Chicago

The word Chicagoans looked up most was "peatier"

Following one of Chicago’s most brutal winters, it appears city residents have been fixated on all things spring.

According to, which compiled a list of words looked up the most in Chicago and around the country, Windy City residents most looked to define the word “peatier.”

Peatier, which is defined as pertaining to, resembling or containing the substance peat, was looked up by Chicagoans 33.8 times more than the national average on the website.

Among some of the other words Chicagoans searched were swaddled, vilification, pantry, surname, black code, moist, catalog, kleptomania and pulse.

Nationally, the most looked-up words differ from city to city.

Minneapolis residents most searched the word “fricassee,” and New York searched "precipitin test."

In St. Louis, residents most searched for “what-if” and San Diego searched for “iodophor.”

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