Illinois Takes Middle Ground in New Study Rating States on Happiness

The results of a new study analyzing states based on their residents' happiness were released Tuesday, with Illinois coming out right in the middle.

The study, conducted by the personal finance website WalletHub, found that there's a correlation between income and happiness, but only to a certain extent. Citing another study, WalletHub reiterated that life satisfaction increases as income rises, but only up to $75,000 a year.

Other contributing factors to residents' happiness are mental and physical health, job satisfaction, positive feelings, environment, social connectivity and general outlook on life, according to WalletHub. All of these factors were used in the study.

Illinois ranked No. 29 out of 51 (including Washington, D.C.) in the study with individual scores of 21 for "emotional and physical well-being," 39 for "work environment" and 26 for "community, environment and recreational activities." 

The state was also singled out as among those with the lowest depression rate, ranking No. 5. In the unemployment category, however, Illinois came in almost dead last, ranking No. 48 for highest long-term unemployment rate.

The happiest states are: 
1. Utah
2. Minnesota
3. Hawaii
4. Colorado
5. North Dakota

The least happy states are: 
47. Tennessee
48. Mississippi
49. Kentucky
50. Alabama
51. West Virginia

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