Kelly Kane

Study Confirms: Chicagoans Have the Nation's Worst Commute

A new study confirms what you probably think every day while sitting in traffic or waiting for the bus: Chicagoans have the longest commute. 

Online retailer Auto Accessories Garage analyzed data from the US Census Bureau to find just how long people across the 50 biggest cities in the country were spending in their cars or on public transportation to get to work. 

So which cities have it the best and which have it the worst when it comes to the dreaded commute? Here are the findings

Most Populous Cities With Longest Commute Times

  1. Chicago – 32.4 minutes
  2. Philadelphia – 31.2 minutes
  3. New  York – 29.5 minutes
  4. Miami – 29.5 minutes
  5. Los Angeles – 28.9 minutes 

Most Populous Cities With Shortest Commute Times 

  1. Omaha, Nebraska – 18.4 minutes
  2. Wichita, Kansas – 18.5 minutes
  3. Tulsa, Oklahoma – 18.6 minutes
  4. Nashville – 19.6 minutes
  5. Oklahoma City – 19.7 minutes 

Of the five largest cities in America, Houston was the only city not listed, Auto Accessories Garage noted. The Texas city had an average travel time of 26.2 minutes, ranking No. 8 overall for the longest commute. Houston is also the largest city in the nation without a major public rail transit system.

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