Student's Death in Rome Hits Home for Suburban Family

20-year-old Andrew Mogni of Glen Ellyn traveled to Rome in 2015, and was found dead near the Tiber River shortly after his arrival

When American college student Beau Solomon was found dead in Rome this week, the news hit close to home for a family in suburban Glen Ellyn. Like Beau Solomon, Theresa Mogni’s son Andrew traveled to Rome to study at John Cabot University and never returned home.

"I couldn't believe it. I was angry and I felt just sick," Theresa said. "It immediately brought back the events that happened with Andrew."

Shortly after his arrival last year, 20-year old University of Iowa student Andrew Mogni was found near the Tiber River with severe head trauma. The school said he fell after leaving a bar, but police suspected a robbery.

"Andrew had his gold cross that was on him robbed," Theresa said, "as well as his wallet and his cell phone."

Last week, University of Wisconsin-Madison student Beau Solomon went missing under similar circumstances and was later found in the Tiber River.

John Cabot University released a statement Wednesday saying it takes "every possible step to insure the safety and well-being of its students during their stay in Rome through information, prompt communication, and constant vigilance of the neighborhood."

The Mogni family says vigilance may not be enough.

"There were so many similarities that it's hard to imagine the two are not related," Theresa said.

No one was ever charged in Andrew Mogni's death, while on Tuesday, a 40-year old homeless man was charged with the death of Beau Solomon.

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