Students at Chicago Area School Fall Ill After Consuming THC-Infused ‘Cereal'

The students are reportedly feeling much better.

Students at a Chicago area middle school in a Chicago found themselves feeling somewhat ill this week, but it wasn't related to COVID symptoms.

It was due to potentially ingesting the contents of what looked like a small, harmless package of Cap'n Crunch cereal.

According to school officials, a student at James Hart School in Homewood reported feeling ill to the school nurse.

The student also reported having received from another student, a small package of what looked like a popular cereal brand. The contents of the package when taken out also resembled the cereal.

The student indicated that multiple students had also eaten the THC-infused look-a-like item.

School officials say this report prompted the administration to conduct an investigation, and that "all students identified through the investigation as having consumed the item have recovered and are feeling better."

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