Chicago Bulls

Student Says Chicago Charter School Banned Her For Dyed Red Hair

Parents are demanding answers after, they say, their daughter was banned from school for dying her hair—but the school disputes that claim.

A Chicago Bulls College Prep student, Daisy Chevaro, says she dyed her hair red and was then suspended from school for five days. She says she just wants to be back in class.

“I’ve never done anything wrong, I just painted my hair,” she said Friday through tears. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The League of United Latino Citizens supported Chevaro outside of the school and spoke to reporters.

“They’re not allowing her into class because of the color of her hair—they think that the color that she has is too red,” said Pastor Emma Lozano of the Lincoln United Methodist Church.

“She’s not a drug dealer, she has not stolen anything, she hasn’t cheated on a test,” said Julie Contreras of LULAC.

A statement from the school’s principal Wendy Erskine reads:

“I regret how this particular instance played out this week. Daisy’s family has been with [us] for many years, and we look forward to welcoming her back to class on Monday.”

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