Stroger Administration Spends Federal Flood Money at Zoo

Stroger Administration hosted "a family resource day" at Brookfield Zoo

Cook County's government is under fire again after newly-released documents show Board President Todd Stroger's administration spent nearly $79,000 in federal grant money at Brookfield Zoo.

The Stroger administration used the money to host "a family resource day" back in September for flood-affected families. The event included the cost of admission and parking, as well as a prize raffle, a disc jockey, a face painter and "hungry as a bear" picnic baskets, according to documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune.

Critics say the money could have been used better.

Families in attendance also received tips on how to remove mold, job training and health screenings.

As many as 2,250 people were invited to the event.

Stroger spokesman Marcel Bright declined to comment, only telling the Chicago Tribune that Inspector General Patrick Blanchard is investigating how Cook County spent the $10.3 million federal disaster relief grant.

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