Streets and Sans Crews May Collect Your Dibs

Those hard-earned dibs may soon be hauled away in a Streets and Sanitation truck.

Many Chicago neighborhood streets are littered with "dibs," the time-honored tradition of placing an item on the street to hold a parking spot after you've cleared the snow away.

But Chicago Streets and Sanitation spokeswoman Molly Poppe says that garbage crews will take away items littered on the street, even if they're a parking placeholder, during the course of regular garbage pickups.

"We are focused on clearing the streets of the snow. Once we're done, those items will be cleared as part of garbage collection," Poppe said.

Garbage collection was suspended on Monday, but resumed on Tuesday.

Poppe says the trucks aren't actively looking for dibs debris, but will also pick up items brought to their attention through 311.

"We do not condone the use of dibs, we want everyone to be cordial and help their neighbors, but we don't issue tickets because we can't issue tickets for cars that aren't there," Poppe said.

Poppe said 200 trucks were out on Tuesday working on clearing snow from neighborhood streets, but the freezing weather has hampered the process.

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