Storms Continue March Toward Chicago

Friday night's storms have the potential to be severe

Saturday morning's glimpse of sunshine doesn't mean Chicago is in the clear yet.

Chances of thunderstorms Saturday evening continue to threaten the city, according to NBC Chicago's Cheryl Scott.

Incoming storms bring with them the possibility for small hail, gusty winds and brief downpours.

Sunday morning showers are possible, however the day is expected to be fairly dry with temps falling into the 60s. 

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were issued Friday afternoon for several counties as a line of storms continued their march to the northeast.

Along Interstate 65 near Rensselaer, Ind., there were reports of 80 MPH winds downing trees and overturning a tractor trailer.

Friday night's storms have the potential to be severe but should move along quickly, setting the area up for a calm Saturday morning before more rain moves into the forecast.

An flash flood warning issued earlier Friday for northern Illinois counties was allowed to expire. That alert came after lightning, heavy rain, hail and high winds caused damage Thursday night across the Chicago area and after a soggy week that left cars stranded in flooded viaducts and knocked out power to 8,500 homes.

The overnight strong wind was to blame for knocking down a 200-year-old tree in North Evanston. The tree fell Thursday night onto a home at Harrison Street and Prairie Avenue. No one was hurt.

Trees also came down in Kankakee County, and lightning sparked flames in northwest Indiana. Firefighters said a lightning bolt struck a three-story condo complex in Schererville, Ind., and flames could be seen shooting through the roof. Everyone made it out safely, officials said.

In Downers Grove, a teen's death was blamed on a lightning strike.

Earlier this week, as much as two inches rained down on Chicago's South Side and south suburbs, knocking out power to nearly 8,500 homes and leaving several cars stranded in flooded viaducts.

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