Owner Reunited With Dog Stolen From Outside Chicago Restaurant

A Chicago man has been reunited with his beloved dog Caela, who was found in Wisconsin on Wednesday, nearly a month after she was stolen from outside a restaurant.

James Perry said last month that on Oct. 13, he tied his dog Caela up outside of Gus’s Fried Chicken in the city's River North neighborhood while he went inside to get food.

When he came back out, he saw that Caela was missing. Surveillance video of the area at the time showed that a man had untied the dog and stolen her.

Perry posted fliers all around the city, shared the video on social media and offered a reward that reached $1,000 when the restaurant manager offered to pitch in.

A Facebook page dedicated to finding the pup - who Perry adopted after she survived a series of storms that hit Alabama last year - shared a happy update Wednesday night.

"Thanks to Caela’s INCREDIBLE social media family, WE FOUND CAELA!!" reads a post on the "Help Find Caela" Facebook page. "She is safe and we are driving back to Chicago with her now!! THANK YOU, CHICAGO!!"

The page shared photos of Perry and Caela at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at around 10:20 p.m. CST, as well as a video of the two reuniting. Caela can be seen in the video jumping on Perry and wriggling with excitement, tail wagging furiously as the two embrace.

Details on how the dog was located weren't immediately available, with the Facebook page promising more information was forthcoming.

Perry said via text message that he drove 9 hours in bad weather "to get her back so she wouldn't be in a shelter overnight and even more confused," sharing a photo of Caela curled up on the floor at home in "one of her favorite spots."

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