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Auto-Updating Cell Phone Leads to Robber's ID

Chicago man admits to taking phone, won't turn himself in



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    Korey Woodard

    Smart phone.  Dumb robber.

    A cell phone setup to automatically post to Facebook with every photo snapped has lead to the identification of the robber.

    An 18-year-old college student at the University of Illinois in Champaign said several men cornered him in a parking lot near the school a few weeks ago, knocked him down and took his money and phone.

    He didn’t think he’d ever see the phone again until he logged into his Facebook page a few days later and saw a picture of someone he’d never seen before posted to his wall.  It seems the cell phone-stealer had snapped a photo of himself and the phone did the rest.

    The student sent the picture to police who gave it to the local media.

    "The next (day) I have a call and the caller says, I know who it is. I went to school with him," Champaign Police Detective Don Shepard told the News-Gazette.

    An arrest warrant was issued Wednesday for Korey Woodard, 21, of Chicago

    Shepard told NBC Chicago that he's been in phone contact with Woodard, but so far he's not willing to turn himself in.  Woodard has, however, admitted to taking the picture of himself.

    Woodard has prior arrests on his record, Shepard said.