New iPod Nano Watch Does Well on Borrowed Time

Designer finds huge success for his line of watches with in hours

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The Tik Tok and Luna Tik Multi-touch watches are quite possibly the the hottest gift for an Apple or watch lover this holiday season.

The idea to embed an iPod nano onto a high quality wrist band and convert it into a stylish watch, however, almost never happen. 

Scott Wilson, the Chicago-based designer who created a stylish and durable wrist watch that can hold an iPod nano and convert the tiny music player into a watch face, had trouble selling his design.

"I had approached a few companies about selling it while keeping royalties and got turned down," says Wilson.

Enter, an Internet website that allows designers and creators a platform to pitch their ideas and get the funding they need while maintaining control of their product.

Participants provide details about their product and post the goal amount needed to green light the project. After that, they have thirty days to meet their goal and will release the funds.

Wilson says he set his goal at $15 thousand and by midnight on the first day he raised over $60 thousand. With 24 more days left, the product is already nearing $300 thousand and boasts Steve Wozniak as one of it's backers.

"I expected it to be popular, but I had no idea it would do so well!" says Wilson.

He credits the success to the power of viral marketing and bloggers who mentioned the watches on their sites. His quality design also couldn't be ignored.

"We've been trying to figure out how to do color interface and a touch screen for watches a long time," says Wilson who designed watches at Nike for three years. "It was one of those obvious things when Apple launched the Nano."

Other people had the same idea, and Nano watches have been made. But Wilson, who created watches for Nike before branching out on his own, noticed that other products were cheaply made and he decided to make a higher quality product.

The Tik Tok and Luna Tik straps are made from high grade silicone rubber and the hardware that holds the Nano is offered in solid stainless steel (Luna Tik) or plastic (Tik Tok).

The bracelets are retailing for about $35 to $70 and do not include the Nano.

The catch is that retailers will have to wait until Wilson takes care of all those who backed his product on Keep in mind that with 24 more days for people to buy through the website, it could take some time.

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