Steppenwolf Theatre Breaks Ground on Major Expansion

From the late John Mahoney, to John Malkovitch, Laurie Metcalf and Joan Allen--plenty of well-known actors call Steppenwolf home.

Even Amy Morton who currently stars on the NBC drama 'Chicago PD.' Morton was on hand for Tuesday's new theatre groundbreaking expansion.

"We love working in this space I'm standing in now but to also have a new one, really keeps you honest," she said.

The new 50,000 square-foot building will house a 400-seat in the round theatre, with only six rows deep and no audience member will be more than 20 feet from the stage. Steppenwolf Co-Founder Jeff Perry along with Gary Sinise, remembers his first exposure to theatre in the round back in the early 70s.

"Always a really fundamental reverberate inspiration for us," Perry said.

"We want the whole campus to serve as an invitation to Chicago and everyone in it to come here and share our stories with them," said Anna Shapiro, Steppenwolf artistic director.

The fourth floor will be dedicated to classes, workshops and events with a particular focus on programming for young adults.

Steppenwolf's new theatre building is scheduled to open summer 2021.

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