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Community Outraged After Statue Vandalized at NW Indiana Cemetery

A community is outraged after a statue honoring soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan was vandalized at a northwest Indiana cemetery.

Maplewood Cemetery in Crown Point has been open since the 1800’s, but never before has it had to deal with the vandalism issue that it has been hit with in recent months.

Manager Tom Hawes says that an unknown vandal damaged a statue of a soldier in recent days by taking the tip of a gun that the soldier is holding.

This is the second time in two years that the statue has been targeted by vandals, but unlike the first time when a temporary fix was possible, the statue will have to be completely replaced this time around.

“This is a popular hangout spot for teens. Some of them just don’t have any respect,” Hawes said.

Insurance will help cover the cost of replacing the statue, and a local foundation has also stepped in to help, raising more than $1,500 to help make sure that a new statue can be ordered for the cemetery.

While those gestures are deeply appreciated by Hawes and other employees at the cemetery, the hope is that they’ll be able to set up a security camera to help protect the statue.

“I just wish the dead could rest in peace here without having people transgress the graves and do damage,” he said.

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