Statement: Father Michael Pfleger



The Civil Rights Movement not only gave a handbook for bringing about social change but it also gave a blueprint for effective ministry.  Dr. King gave a blueprint that showed us that effective and authentic ministry is based in the foundation of faith where people gather to tap into their spiritual source, are guided by spiritual principles and beliefs, trust in the power of God and then leave their sanctuaries to bring transformative change to the world around them.  We need to allow this blueprint to guide our present day where seemingly we have forgotten that “Faith without works is dead.”

What was also so important to learn from the Civil Rights Movement was that their were many different groups and strategies, The Black Panthers, The N.A.A.C.P., The Black Power Movement, Malcolm X, Dr. King, The Nation of Islam, and many others who each had their individual strategies and platforms but they had the same goal: liberation, justice, and equality.  We have got to learn today to accept and respect over different ways and strategies but be unified in our goal.

Rev. Michael L. Pfleger
Faith Community of Saint Sabina

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