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Some Missouri State Workers Will Get Eclipse Day Off

State workers in Missouri’s capital got some great news on Friday, as the upcoming solar eclipse has earned them an extra day off.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, state workers that work in Jefferson City will get Aug. 21 off because of a total solar eclipse that will take place in the area.

“We believe closing non-essential state offices for this historic event is in the best interest of our state employees and the thousands of people expected to visit Cole County the day of the eclipse,” Office of Administration Commissioner Sarah Steelman told the newspaper.

School children in the southern Illinois town of Carbondale will also get the day off, the school district announced earlier this month.

The eclipse on Aug. 21 will be the first eclipse that the country will see in nearly 40 years. Cities like St. Louis and Kansas City will be in the path of the eclipse, which will track across the continental United States in the late morning and early afternoon hours. 

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