Senator Introduces Legislation to Keep Chicago State University Open

Democratic State Senator Emil Jones III on Monday introduced a $25 million plan that would allow Chicago State University to continue operating despite the state's budget impasse. 

"Our students should not be affected by this crisis," Jones told Ward Room. "We need to provide the adequate funding to keep the doors open."

The proposed legislation would ensure that CSU's doors remain open for the duration of the current semester.

Chicago State recently announced that it won't be able to fund operational costs after March 1, citing the state's seven-month budget impasse threatening the academic future of students relying on MAP grants and other tuition assistance.

"The majority of students affected by Rauner's tactics are students who don't come from the best backgrounds but are trying to achieve more to build their community," Jones said.

When lawmakers return to Springfield on Jan. 27, the legislation will be directed to the Senate Rules Committee and assigned for further consideration.

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