State Rep. Threatens to File Recall Motion Against Pritzker for Unemployment Handling

Illinois state representative singles out Pritzker for the way he has handled unemployment amid the coronavirus

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Illinois Rep. Allen Skillicorn says a recall resolution is on the table if Gov. J.B. Pritzker fails to fix the state's unemployment claims website, the representative announced Sunday.

For the past two months the Illinois Department of Employment Security has had technical issues causing delays and frustration for thousands of residents trying to file unemployment benefits, Skillicorn said in a statement.

“Managing this site is the one job and the one responsibility the Governor has in all of this and he can’t even do that," he said. "The level of incompetence here is incredible."

The Illinois representative threatened to file a motion to recall the governor's election if Pritzker does not fix the website soon.

"Now the processing system is making private information publicly available," Skillicorn added.

On Friday, a massive data breach was announced at the Illinois Department of Employment Security, as an unknown number of Illinois 1099 workers' personal information was made public.

Illinois Rep. Grant Wehrli said the people of Illinois, who are out of work through no fault of their own, deserve better.

"They deserve prompt certification of unemployment benefits," Wehrli said. "They absolutely deserve to know their personal information is safe. Right now they have neither."

Wehrli called on IDES and the governor to inform the public as to when they became aware of the breach, how long the data was exposed on the site and what action is being taken to prevent a similar breach in the future.

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