State Rep. Curtis Tarver Arrested for Concealed Carry Violation During Traffic Stop

The freshman Democrat said the arrest was caused by a "clerical error"

Illinois state Rep. Curtis Tarver was arrested Monday night and charged with having a handgun while his concealed carry license was revoked, authorities say - an incident the freshman Democrat said was caused by a "clerical error."

The arrest took place at around 8:32 p.m. in the 6400 block of South Stony Island Avenue in the city's Woodlawn neighborhood, according to Chicago police.

Officers pulled Tarver's vehicle over because he had a headlight out - a minor traffic violation for which he received a citation, officials said.

During the traffic stop, police said officers learned that Tarver, 38, was "in possession of a handgun while his current concealed carry license was revoked."

He was charged with one misdemeanor count of failing to surrender a concealed carry license, according to police, and released on a $1,500 bond.

In a statement, Tarver, who lives in the city's North Kenwood neighborhood and represents the 25th District on Chicago's South Side, said his arrest was due to "what appeared to have been a clerical error."

Tarver said his concealed carry permit was renewed in August through 2024, but that he was notified that the license was revoked due to the expiration of his FOID card, which he "immediately renewed."

"The renewal was effective as of November 16," Tarver said, noting that the effective date was two days before his arrest. "While I had no way of knowing, this renewal purportedly was not yet reflected in Chicago Police Department records."

"I fully expect this case will be resolved quickly and without incident," he continued, adding, "Like many people in Chicago, I applied for a concealed carry license in order to keep myself and my daughter safe. I take considerable efforts to ensure that I am always in compliance with our state’s laws and following safe practices for handling a firearm."

Tarver was scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 27, according to police.

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