“State” is a Four-Letter Word…?

Daley blames the ‘S-A-T-E’ for closing mental health centers

It certainly doesn't speak well for the city's education system when our own mayor can't spell properly.

On Thursday, Mayor Daley blamed the closing of four of the city's 12 mental health centers on a $1.2 million state funding cut. Public health advocates are in an uproar of the decision, but Daley tried to explain that it was the state's fault, not his.

"We didn't cut. It was the state of Illinois that didn't fund us," Daley said. "See, you've got the facts wrong. The state of Illinois funds those centers. We did not cut. They have cut mental health facilities all over the state. That is state money. Underline that. S-A-T-E money. [sic] It's called state money. Let's get the facts. These facts are not correct, so you have to correct people."

Public officials behind Daley at the City Hall news conference laughed quietly.

Our political leaders use enough (bleeping) four-letter words; let's not create any new ones, eh?

Currently, the mental health centers receive about $13 million in funding annually, $7 million of which comes from the state.

When asked what can be done, Daley replied, "Well, we don't know. It's very, very difficult."

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