Stand Up to Hate Play Date Scheduled After Nanny Receives Racist Letter

Ferrai Pickett hasn’t read the letter delivered to her employer’s West Town mailbox, but knows about the racist comments written in it.

"I felt very heartbroken that the letter was written and delivered," Ferrai told NBC 5. "I was heartbroken."

A nanny to several children in the West town Neighborhood, she’s well liked and considered quitting after discriminatory comments were written, allegedly by Ukrainian Village moms, asking Ferrai employers to fire her because neighbors here “do not need an infestation in our community.”

She and many parents in this neighborhood told NBC 5 Monday night that they’re using the controversy as a learning moment and standing up to hate this week with a play-date at Talcott school playground Thursday.

"I love the kids as my own," Ferrai said. "My niece and nephew are their friends. I can’t walk away and show these kids I’m defeated. I want to show them positivity. You stand up when bullying is happening."

Other parents in the neighborhood voiced support for Ferrai.

"I think it’s awful," Jody Koch said. "We live here because it's a diverse neighborhood."

"This isn’t a place for racism," Sarah Haque said. "A note is one thing, but it could escalate to something else."

The all ages Stand Up to Hate Play Date will be at the playground on the 1800 block of West Ohio Thursday night at 5 p.m.

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