Spring Tulip Festival Returns to Chicago-Area Farm This April

As spring flowers come into bloom, Richardson Farm's annual tulip festival is set to open this April.

Showcasing over 300,000 bulbs of 30 different varieties, Richardson Tulip Festival in suburban Spring Grove typically runs mid-April to mid-May depending whether or not the flowers are in full bloom.

Approximately 230,000 tulips are placed in colorful blocks designed for photographs, while 70,000 are mixed colors located in a "pick-your-own area," according to the farm's website. Each guest will receive one free tulip with each ticket purchased.

Last year, tickets for the weekdays cost $12 and $15 for Saturday or Sunday.

Dogs have traditionally been welcome at the tulip festival, as long as the they are on a leash and play well with others.

Guests have also been able to shop; have a wine tasting and enjoy donuts, popcorn and kettle corn at the gift shop down the road from the tulip fields.

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