Spotted on the Web: CTA Incontinence

Sometimes spell-checking is just not enough

While the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl was pretty exciting, we'll admit that we were busy surfing the Web throughout most of the game (in between bites of chili, sandwiches and cupcakes, not necessarily in that order) and came across this amusing little tidbit posted on Gapers Block. 

Someone took a screen shot of the CTA's Web site and posted it on Flickr  Saturday, when the CTA issued an alert that Red Line service had been disrupted due to a medical emergency. 

While this is handy information to have at your fingertips, one does wonder what caused the alleged medical emergency when the last line reads, “Sorry for the incontinence. Please allow extra travel time.” 

Incontinence?  Oh my.  Yes, yes, we all know they probably meant “inconvenience,” but who doesn't love a little potty humor?

The truth is that the CTA may have been the victim of a spell-check program gone awry. Hint to writers: don't count on spell-check to correct the spelling of our president's name. A Microsoft version replaces "Obama" with "Osama." That would be a whole different story.

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