Sporadic Mail Delivery Irks Suburban Residents

Village officials in Norridge are asking federal officials to intervene in the situation

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Some residents and businesses in the village of Norridge are going days and even weeks without getting any mail, and now they are asking state and federal lawmakers to intervene.

Even Norridge's Village Hall is having major issues with the mail, according to Mayor Dan Tannhauser.

"I have lived her for 28 years. I've never seen it this bad. Where is the mail sitting at?"

Diane Lindsay - Norridge Resident

“We have a service that picks up our mail,” he said. “Some days there is one piece. The next day there are 50 pieces. This has been a problem in the village for eight months. We are sending out water bills, and I am also worried about w2’s. Some people are afraid to put stuff in the mail. This is also happening in neighboring communities.”

 Diane Lindsay works and lives in Norridge, and said she has gone four days without getting any mail.

“I have lived here for 28 years,” she said.  “ I never seen it this bad. Where is the mail sitting at? I don’t know."

Norridge has been noticing an increasing delay in mail service. Katherine Gaseor supervisor/public affairs coordinator explains what they along with resident in their town are experiencing.

Tannhauser said the issues are happening because the Norridge distribution center is not staffed correctly.

He is advising residents and businesses who are having issues with their mail to notify him.

“Something needs to be done,” he said. “People are afraid to put stuff in the mail.”

NBC 5 contacted the United States Postal Service for comment, but did not hear back. The Postal Inspection Service said that it's focus is on security-related issues, and therefore declined to comment on mail processes or mail delivery issues. 

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