Special Edition Charlie Hebdo to be Sold in Chicago Area

City Newsstand in Chicago and Chicago-Main Newsstand in Evanston both plan to sell copies of the issue

Copies of the special edition Charlie Hebdo magazine are expected to be sold in the Chicago area

LMPI, based in Montreal, said it plans to distribute copies of the defiant special edition of the satirical magazine in the U.S.

Martin McEwen, a spokesman for LMPI, said the copies are set to ship Friday and will likely be on sale in Chicago by Wednesday.

City Newsstand in Chicago and Chicago-Main Newsstand in Evanston both plan to sell copies of the issue.

Eric Ismond, manager of Chicago-Main newsstand, said they aren’t sure how many copies they will get, or when they will be delivered, but said they are expecting to have them as early as next week.

The satirical magazine was the target of a terror attack in Paris after two masked gunmen stormed its offices, killing 12 people.

The newly released 16-page issue contains 57 cartoons, including 11 archival cartoons drawn by some of those killed in the massacre and cartoons depicting Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

An unprecedented 3 million copies of the latest edition were printed in several languages, a fifty-fold increase from its typical weekly circulation.

Charlie Hebdo hasn’t been sold in America for years.

Some Muslim groups warned the magazine against publishing the images, which some consider blasphemous, but the cartoonist who drew the image said he was unconcerned about repercussions.

Ismond said Chicago-Main newsstand is aware of the potential for criticism while selling the magazine.

“You never really know about these things but we are getting more and more publicity about that so that’s a possibility,” he said. “We’ve had only positive feedback so far.”

We are expecting some copies in, not sure how many or exactly when theyre going to come in, expect them earliest at next week. Both newsstands.

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